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Gizmoduck Merchandise (Officially produced)

Below are pictures and descriptions of Gizmoduck merchandise that was officially produced.

Gizmoduck figure

Although Gizmoduck is a great character, sadly not much official Gizmoduck stuff was produced. The only official figure (that I'm aware of) was a 2 1/2 inch cereal premium figure from Kellogg's cereals back in 1991. These little PVC figures came either individually wrapped (one figure free) in each cereal box, or for a limited-time offer you could order the complete set with Scrooge, Louie, Webby, and Gizmoduck in a 4-pack! These little figures are becoming difficult to find still factory sealed in the original bag. I own two of these still factory sealed.

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Cereal boxes showing Gizmoduck!

Here are the Kellogg's cereal boxes pictured. The second picture (on the right) is my favorite. I own one of those boxes. Now that I think about it, I remember when I was a little boy and my parents bought me one of those cereal boxes, and the first figure that I pulled out of the cereal in the box WAS Gizmoduck! Coincidence?

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Gizmoduck in video games!

Gizmoduck briefly appeared in the "DuckTales" Capcom games for the NES and the Gameboy. He is pictured in the NES game manual (left) on page 15. On the right are some screen shots that I took by using my digital camera showing Gizmoduck in the DuckTales Nintendo game (left) and the DuckTales Game Boy game (right). The DuckTales Remastered screen shot is on the far right. What basically happened in these games is Scrooge had to visit the Moon and find Gizmoduck's remote so he could have him blast a rock/wall down so Scrooge could go down into the moon and fight a boss enemy (giant mouse) to claim his treasure. 

Update! My dream has come true! Gizmoduck FINALLY has a decent appearance in a video game. Capcom has now released "DuckTales Remastered" for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. I own a PS3 so I bought the code to download. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Alan Young reprises his role in this game and supplies the voice for Scrooge. Although there are A LOT of cutscenes, if you're a huge fan, they are fun to listen to. The best part of the game (in my opinion) is Fenton goes to the moon with Gyro (on The Moon level) and when Fenton gets abducted by aliens, Scrooge must go rescue him and find the Gizmoduck suit parts. When this is accomplished, Fenton says his magic words and becomes Gizmoduck...not only blasting the blocked wall down, but following Scrooge blowing up aliens TO the blocked wall! Nice touch, Capcom! Eric Bauza is the voice for Giz in this game. The voice is very close to Hamilton's and Eric done a good job. This game is a must-have purchase for Gizmoduck fans. For an in-depth article about this awesome game, please click on this link below:

Here is a copy of a 1989 Nintendo Power page he was on:

I absolutely LOVE the NES and Game Boy games of DuckTales. Both games are FUN to play, but it would have been better if Gizmoduck had made a few more appearances. Just imagine how cool a modern video game would be if you could play as Gizmoduck! I hope that Disney considers this. If you would like to hear some cool and catchy tunes from the DuckTales NES game, I have provided a couple links to YouTube where you can listen there!

DuckTales NES theme music:

DuckTales NES (Moon level theme)

Gizmoduck toy (Unreleased)

Here is a picture of Darkwing Duck series 2 toys by Playmates that was sadly never mass produced and released to the public. This Gizmoduck figure looks more accurate than the cereal toy and I would have bought him in a second! I think that it's also sad that DuckTales never got a decent action figure line and only had little PVC figures produced. DuckTales deserves a decent action figure line, and I'm sure that most fans will agree. Some say that there is in fact a Gizmoduck figure that exists, but it could be either be a rumor, the prototype pictured above, or one that actually exists? I'm not sure.

Here is a quote by Caleb Goellner over at the website about this unreleased action figure set:

 "Like most Playmates releases, the Darkwing Duck toys weren't everything they could have been. Paint applications were spotty at best, accessories weren't always useful and sculpts were sometimes disfigured by action features. Still, fans of the show could find plenty to appreciate the healthy number of play sets, vehicles and secondary characters and villains. Darkwing Duck delivered many of the series' most famous characters, but since there was never a proper DuckTales line of toys, the canceled second wave of toys is the closest fans will ever get to owning a Gizmo Duck action figure. It's okay, have a good cry, let it all out." - Caleb Goellner

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Hopefully a nice and accurate officially produced Gizmoduck action figure will be in the fan's hands someday. I'm not going to hold my breath, but time will tell.

Whatever happened to Gizmoduck? He's in comics!

After the hit animated series of Darkwing Duck ended, years later a comic book company (founded in 2005) by the name of BOOM! Studios published comics based on the Darkwing Duck animated series, AND there were some comics based upon DuckTales the animated series as well. Some of these comics occasionally featured Gizmoduck!

Spoiler Warning:

Recently, Gyro Gearloose changed the password to thwart Taurus Bulba. So, when Gosalyn said "Keen Gear" she became the new wearer of the Gizmo suit, and she continued using the Gizmo suit and was known as "Gosmo Duck" until the Gizmo suit was destroyed in Darkwing Duck issue #8 in the "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings" arc. The good news is although Gosalyn had the suit for a little bit and it was destroyed, Fenton comes BACK AS GIZMODUCK in the final DuckTales/Darkwing Duck crossover 4-part story of "Dangerous Currency" by BOOM! Kids! To read more about this, click on the "The Justice Ducks & Comics" link.

Gizmoduck on comic covers!

The two Uncle Scrooge/DuckTales comics pictured above are recent editions by Disney/Boom! They are both issues #392. The first comic on the left (Cover B) was drawn by Magic Eye Studios, and the cover was colored by the talented Jake Myler who explained this over at the website. Nice job Jake!

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The second comic on the right is a limited edition cover variant by the talented Amy Mebberson who explained this over at the website as well. This limited edition was only available at the 2010 San Diego Comicon. Nice job Amy!

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Note: Fenton made one more final appearance on a Darkwing Duck comic cover variant of "Dangerous Currency Part 4" which was the final story.

Disclaimer: Merchandise pictured on this page is property of: Disney, Kellogg's, Capcom, Nintendo Power, Playmates, and BOOM Kids!

Gizmoduck figures!

After all these years Gizmoduck FINALLY got his own little figure...really little. I went into a Wal-Mart and discovered a die-cast Scrooge McDuck and Gizmoduck figure! They're produced by Nano Metalfigs, and are only 1.75" tall, but hey, it's nice to finally see Gizmo get his own little figure other than the Kellogg's cereal box figure. Thank you Disney!